Friday, January 25, 2008

Only because it feels right

BH is a friend. We have all been part of his life with ALS. Even as anonymous viewers and posters, we have been touched by BH's writings, his opinions, his love for his wife and children and the challenges of caregivers, breathing, emergencies and the loss of a body containing a vibrant mind.

I visited BH last weekend and things looked pretty bad. He is worn out. Worn down. Nothing works. And he is exhausted. We had a tearful good bye. He struggled to type "ron bye bye." I wiped the tears from his eyes. I don't know, but I doubt I'll see my friend again alive.

We've been friends for 25 years. I was his best man. But all of you have brought BH, his lovely wife and his dear children into your lives. So I hoped that in case BH's life comes to an end, that when he can finally rest, that this blog can be a place to celebrate his life, your life, our lives. We live on through the memories of others. You are a wonderful community of love, worldwide. Amazing.

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